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Designer: Duncan Muirhead

Owner: Trimarine Boat Co. Ltd.

Length on deck: 105 feet

Beam: 44 feet

Displacement: 75 tons with fuel and water

Rig: Equal masted stay sail schooner

Working sail area: 5,200 sq. feet

Mast height: 103 feet

Engines: Two 210 hp Caterpillar diesels to drive two feathering propellers. 4 generators.

Speed under power: 8-10 knots

Speed under sail: 6-14 knots

Air fills: Mako compressor with a total of 18.5 cfm output and air bank. Second Mako as standby and for Nitrox.



Your cell phone will work on Roaming almost everywhere in the BVI. If you do not have one with you tell anyone who may need to contact you that they should call us at the office 1 284 494 2490 and we will contact the boat. 



With two reverse-osmosis watermakers and the capacity to store 1,200 gallons, there is ample fresh water available. The showers function with proper pressure and there is plenty of hot water. 

Generators, Engines & Compressors

The mechanical operations of the boat happen quietly in the background, serving the guests without intruding on their enjoyment. Cuan Law with her 5,200 sq. ft. of sail, sails a lot with the good trade winds, but when the wind dies she can do the speed of a power boat using her big twin Cats.

In addition, this impressive vessel has four generators, a complete galley, workshop and an engineer skilled in fixing anything that might go wrong. Backups for backups and quality staff are great comforts on charters and Cuan Law has a good supply of each. In her many years of service Cuan Law has never lost a day through breakdown.

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