Sunday: Arrive aboard Cuan Law in the early afternoon then settle into your cabin. Once you have had time to unpack and relax, the Captain will sit down with all of the guests and brief you about the boat. Afterwards, Dr. Michael Kent will provide an overview of the week’s activities. Later in the afternoon, Cuan Law will sail to Norman Island during which time guests are invited to enjoy a spectacular view of the Sir Francis Drake Channel with cocktails. Upon arrival Cuan Law will anchor in ‘The Bite’, the main bay for Norman Island, where dinner will be served. A presentation of the history of the British Virgin Islands and Norman Island will follow acquainting guests with some of the sites they will be visiting. 
'Cuan Law' under sail in the British Virgin Islands. 

Monday: Monday begins early with coffee and pastries followed by a gentle hike to a ruined great house on Norman Island. On the way, guests will be shown some of the native trees and plants whilst enjoying views of Tortola and St John. The eighteenth-century great house has beautifully carved coral steps and a series of old walls which indicate a substantial residence during the plantation period. Back aboard Cuan Law, a late breakfast will be served followed by a short sail to ‘The Caves’ where guests can snorkel into each of the individual caves that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write ‘Treasure Island’. Following lunch, Cuan Law will sail around a group of Islands known as ‘The Indians’ then drop anchor in Privateer Bay, Norman Island, where dinner will be served. Afterwards, a presentation of the history of St. John (USVI) will include a description of the famous 1733 slave rebellion on the island and a background to some of the sites being visited on the following day. 
Steps leading to the historic great house on Norman Island.

Tuesday: Guests will wake up on Tuesday to find that Cuan Law has sailed back to Tortola where she will anchor in ‘Sopers Hole’ at the west end of the island. After breakfast, guests will be transferred to a ferry which will take them to St. John where a safari bus will pick them up for a guided tour. Stops will include the famous Annaborg Plantation and the Cinnamon Bay archaeology and interpretation site. Gourmet sandwiches will be provided during the tour. Guests will then return to Tortola onboard the ferry to be transferred back to Cuan Law, which will then sail to Great Harbour, Peter Island and anchor for the night. After dinner, a presentation will follow on the famous wreck of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company ship ‘Rhone,’ which sank at Salt Island during a hurricane in 1867.
Annaborg Plantation windmill tower.

Wednesday: During breakfast on Wednesday morning, Cuan Law will sail to Salt Island and anchor in ‘Lee Bay’ opposite the abandoned village. Certified divers will then be given a guided tour of the wreck site of RMS Rhone, whilst other guests will be provided with snorkeling tours of the stern section of the wreck. If you are feeling adventurous, why not try a PADI Resort Course  designed to introduce novices to scuba, followed by a shallow dive on the stern section of ‘Rhone.’ After lunch, guest will be given a guided hike of the salt ponds, abandoned village and cemetery for the Rhone victims. Cuan Law will then sail to ‘St. Thomas Bay’, Virgin Gorda where she will anchor for the night. Following dinner, there will be a presentation on the history of Virgin Gorda, once home to a number of famous Buccaneers.
A contemporary lithograph of the RMS Rhone. 
Thursday: After breakfast on Thursday guests will be taken ashore to Virgin Gorda where a safari bus will drive them to the ruins of ‘The Copper Mine’ National Park which operated during the 1860’s. Following a tour of this unique monument, guests will be driven to Nail Bay where the remains of a beautifully preserved sugar works nestle within the landscape of this exclusive resort. Next, guests will be taken to the ‘The Crawl’ beach where Cuan Law and her crew will be waiting to provide a beach picnic and BBQ for lunch. Afterwards there will be a tour of the world famous ‘Baths’, a geological anomaly which still baffles scientists today. From here guests will be taken back to the Cuan Law via speedboat. Once back aboard, Cuan Law will sail to Trellis Bay on Tortola passing ‘The Dogs’, a series of uninhabited islands along the way. At Trellis, guests can enjoy dinner after which a presentation on the history of Tortola will take place in preparation for the following day’s tour. 
Ruins of the engine house at the Copper Mine, Virgin Gorda. 
Friday: Following breakfast Friday morning, guest will go ashore to Trellis Bay where they will be met by a safari bus for an island tour. Moving along the ridge road of Tortola with spectacular views of the north shore, the first stop will look at the famous painted wall upon which over a dozen local artists have painted scenes of Tortolan life in the past. Moving along the ridge then down towards Brewers Bay, guests will disembark to tour around the ‘Mount Healthy Windmill’, the only one of its kind built in the BVI during the plantation era. Once down in the bay, guests will visit the Brewers Bay sugar works which are very much intact. After leaving Brewers Bay, guests will be taken to famous ‘Cane Garden Bay’ which although a tourist destination today still contains plenty of history, including the ‘Callwood Rum Distillery’; the oldest continually operating one of its type in the Eastern Caribbean. Guests will have the opportunity to look around the distillery which has changed little in 200 years then buy some of the famous rum if they wish. Upon leaving Cane Garden Bay, guests will be driven into Road Town to the Old Government House Museum which will be opened especially for them. After a buffet lunch served by the Cuan Law crew at the museum, Guests will have the opportunity of a private tour through the museum. The afternoon is left free to allow guest to walk through Road Town and buy souvenirs if they wish. In the evening, a farewell dinner will be served aboard Cuan Law. 
Traditional vernacular home on Main Street.

View of Main Street in the 1920's. 
Saturday: Guests will disembark Saturday morning after breakfast.